Through the Family and Faith program, parents – as the first educators of their children – are invited into a deeper and more intimate relationship with the person of Jesus Christ.

The Family Faith Educator at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School Sutherland supports our parents, children and wider community in faith formation and evangelisation. They help to connect, develop and enhance the faith life of our parents and families at home, school and the Parish; as well as support overall family wellbeing.

They implement and support various initiatives and programs within the school including: 

  • SPaR (Stop, Pray and Reflect)
  • Tender Tales (story and craft for the younger siblings of St Patrick’s students who have not yet started school)
  • Parent information sessions on a variety of topics around parenting, wellbeing and faith
  • Support for Parish-based Sacramental Programs
  • Parish Family Masses
  • Lenten and Advent Prayer Groups
  • Parent Excursions
  • Nano (Environmental) Rangers Team